About us

Lazreg group was established in 1994 by Mr. Emhemed Lazreg, primarily and in the beginning operating in the field of agriculture. Over years, the group has grown rapidly, expanding and diversifying its activities, and subsequently transforming its core business. Today, Lazreg group through family members holdings has evolved to become the leading premier importer and distributor in agriculture, foods, non foods, pharmaceuticals & medical supply as well as in the field of real estate.

We import and commit to provide high quality products to our clients (Wholesalers & Retailers) all over the country through our expert staffs and a fleet of distributing vehicles, and owning huge warehouses.

Lazreg Group is strategically developing a strong presence across multiple sectors in Libya and USA.

Our mission

To be Libya’s leading private enterprise, driving transformation and development. Lazreg Group’s mission is concentrated on the expansion of our country’s opportunities and our active participation in doing so. Here are some of our Group’s objectives:

– To help promote Libya, a land rich of opportunities, to the World,
– To seek new potential ventures and challenging business opportunities for our Group,  
– To help facilitate International business prospects in the region,
– To make new international businesses and brands available to the local public,  
– To help create more employment opportunities for our people, throughout the territory,
– To help bring continued stability to the region, however small our contribution can be.

Our vision

It has always been to create a solid business foundation for Libya, using all the talent that our country has to offer, and showcase our country’s vast potential to the World with nothing but excellence. To be where we are today, we have had to adapt and transform ourselves many times over, in order to reach our goals.
We pride ourselves in the fact that we have never gone into business ventures or activities that felt wrong to us or dealt with the wrong type of people. In the end, we believe our country’s well-being and future is worth every sacrifice.

Lazreg Group has always been the champion of openness, both in business and political orientation, and that from the very beginning. Today, we are very proud of what we have accomplished and look forward to the future for the prospects of new successes.

Our continuous growth has been, and will continue to be driven by:

• Expansion of existing operations within established sectors and geographies.
• Strategic alliances and strong roll out plans in partnership with major international operators and brand owners.